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Lecture 'Wren's Innovative Schools' June 10th 2023 at 2 pm

Part of Wren 300 events marking the tercentenary of the death of Sir Christopher Wren. Emeritus Professor Fred Steward reveals new research into Wren's approach to designing buildings for schooling.  Sir John Moore Foundation is a rare surviving example of Wren's school design.  Tickets available from 


Volunteer Open Day 25th March 2023

Please come along and join us for our volunteer open day.


Local History Cafe

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LHC Extended June 2024

A final part of memories of wash day, how steam trains changed holidays and religion and prosperity in the 1890s

LHC Extended May 2024

How children were named in the past, some history of Birmingham and more

LHC Extended April 2024

A history of postcards, a visit from the High Sheriff and more Appleby childhood memories

LHC Extended March 2024

More Appleby characters and lead inkwells in the museum collection

LHC Extended February 2024

Memories of the village cobbler, the big freeze of 1947, and boards to share Appleby's heritage

LHC Extended January 2024

More memories of Appleby and nearby