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Local History Cafe Newsletters were developed during the 2020 Covid-19 lockdown as a way of keeping in touch.  They proved such a success that they have continued to be published monthly. 

Newsletters can be downloaded below.  If you would like to be put on the mailing list for these newsletters, or you have a memory to share please contact our editor Andy Moore via SJMFHeritage@post.com .

Latest Newsletters

LHC Extended July 2024

The school year in 1891 (on which our museum is based) and other summer items

LHC Extended June 2024

A final part of memories of wash day, how steam trains changed holidays and religion and prosperity in the 1890s

LHC Extended May 2024

How children were named in the past, some history of Birmingham and more

LHC Extended April 2024

A history of postcards, a visit from the High Sheriff and more Appleby childhood memories

LHC Extended March 2024

More Appleby characters and lead inkwells in the museum collection

LHC Extended February 2024

Memories of the village cobbler, the big freeze of 1947, and boards to share Appleby's heritage

LHC Extended January 2024

More memories of Appleby and nearby


Newsletters prior to September 2021

LHC Extended August 2021 Newsletter

Featuring summer holidays - memories and further back.

LHC Extended July 2021 Newsletter

Featuring those servants and the work they did.

LHC Extended June 2021 Newsletter

Featuring mining history.

LHC Extended May 2021 Newsletter and Extended read Spring Supplement

May's newsletter features sayings, rituals and celebrations and the supplement includes Anne Silins' complete Spring diary with contemporary photographs.

LHC Extended April 2021 Newsletter

Featuring Spring memories.

LHC Extended March 2021 Newsletter

Featuring school related stories - including school dinner memories.

LHC Extended February 2021 Newsletter

Featuring transport related stories from Appleby and further afield.

LHC Extended January 2021 Newsletter

Featuring St Michael and all Angels Church in Appleby and other church related memories.

LHC Extended December 2020 Newsletter

Bumper Xmas edition with memories of festive food, activities and happy family occasions.  Also some photos of Appleby in the snow.

LHC Extended November 2020 Newsletter

More Autumn memories, including bonfire night.  Memories of village shops from the history website.  Heritage Centre Facebook page confessions of apple scrumping.

LHC Extended October 2020 Newsletter 

This includes memories of Autumn from LHC members and the Appleby History website as well as the Appleby Heritage Boards project.

LHC Extended September 2020 Newsletter

LHC Extended August 2020 Newsletter